Pricing & Services


Billed in 15 minute increments.

See below for more detailed information on rate calculation and work flow.

Technical editing

$35/hour — Patterns are checked for mathematical accuracy. This includes:

  • using spreadsheets to verify all mathematical calculations such as measurements and sizing, stitch and row/round counts, and stitch patterns and repeats (cables, lace, etc).
  • ensuring all photographs, schematics and/or charts agree with the pattern.
  • making sure all necessary abbreviations and keys are listed and clear.

Copy editing

$35/hour — Patterns are checked for simple and concise wording while maintaining the designer’s style, tone and voice. This includes:

  • checking language style, structure and word usage; including syntactical, grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors.
  • checking your pattern against the style sheet or for consistent formatting and terminology if there is no style sheet.
  • making sure the written instructions flow logically from section to section.


$35/hour— This is the final step before publication. Any patterns that have already been technical and/or copy edited, can be submitted for a final review before publishing even if a different Technical Editor was used for editing services. Sometimes a final, third set of eyes is necessary!

Style sheets

$35/hour — Unique style sheets are created for each designer, ensuring consistency both within and across patterns. Having a style sheet will not only make sure designers spend less time writing out each pattern but also less money having each pattern edited. A style sheet will also help a designer create a brand, making all her/his patterns recognizable as such.


$35/hour — Charts are created from the designer’s written instructions using Stitchmastery. Written instructions can also be generated from charts. This service includes:
  • confirmation the chart works.
  • charts and keys with formatting that match the designer’s style.
  • compatible formats: png, jpg or pdf (chart, key and key components as one file or separate files for ease of arrangement in the pattern).
  • written instructions matching the style sheet.


$35/hour — Professional schematics are created using Inkscape from the designer’s hand drawings or photographs. This includes:
  • to scale line schematic in jpg, png, pdf or svg files.
  • imperial and/or metric measurements.
  • formatting matching the style sheet.

grading and sizing

$35/hour — Professional grading to include a range of sizes in the pattern. This includes:
  • maintaining ease, stitch patterns, row repeats and other design features.

work flow & Cost estimates

Consultation: Work begins with a free consultation to review the pattern and the needs of the designer. If Midnight Purl is a good fit, we will move on to a cost estimate. If not, I'll try to help you find a more suitable Tech Editor.

Cost Estimate: Each pattern is unique, so an initial cost estimate will be sent after the consultation.

Cost: The following information can be used to estimate the cost of technical and copy editing a pattern:

  • Simple Accessories — 1 size, no charts - .75 to 1.5 hours.
  • Medium Accessories — 1 to 2 sizes, 1 chart, additional shaping and/or techniques - 1.5 to 3 hours.
  • Complex Accessories — 3+ sizes, multiple charts, extensive shaping and/or techniques - 3 to 6 hours.
  • Simple Garments — 1 to 3 sizes, no charts, standard construction - 1.5 to 3 hours.
  • Medium Garments — 4 to 6 sizes, 1 chart, standard shaping and/or construction - 3 to 6 hours.
  • Complex Garments — 7+ sizes, multiple charts, extensive or innovative shaping, techniques and/or construction - 6 hours & up.

Editing: Once the cost estimate is agreed to, work begins. Patterns are never altered. Upon completion, a marked up version of the pattern will be sent to the designer. It is ultimately up to the designer to implement any corrections or changes, ensuring the proprietorship of the original pattern.

Revised Cost Estimate: If the work is taking longer than expected or other issues or needs arise, a revised cost estimate will be sent to the designer for approval. Once the revised cost estimate is agreed upon, work will resume. This is to ensure the designer will never receive a bill that is for a higher amount than approved of. If a revised cost estimate proves necessary, it may delay the turn around time.

Proofreading: If the designer chooses to implement any changes to the pattern, the finalized pattern can be submitted for another proofreading. If there are further edits necessary, the designer will be contacted in order to agree upon another revised cost estimate before any work is done.

Invoice: An invoice will be sent once the designer approves any final edits.

Communications: All commonly used formats of computer files can be worked with and can easily be transferred via email or Dropbox.

Payments: Paypal is preferred as a method of payment.

Turn Around Time

Currently, I’m only editing 1 pattern per week, and the turn around time is generally 5 Business Days. An estimated turn around time will be provided in the estimate for the pattern. If a revised cost estimate proves necessary, it may delay the originally estimated turn around time accordingly. The turn around time for a final proofread is usually only 1 to 2 Business Days. However, final proofreads are hard to schedule in advance as each designer has her/his own schedule for revising patterns. Usually final proofreads take less than 15 minutes and it is, therefore, possible to work them around previously scheduled edits. If a proofread becomes another edit due to a large number of changes in the pattern, it may take another 5 Business Days to return to the designer. A rush fee of 50% applied to the final fee can be negotiated for a faster turn around.