Maggie was an absolute pleasure to work with! She made the process simple and straightforward, and her editing suggestions were clear and right on the nose. I’ll be coming back to her in the future!
— Stephanie Alford, SpaceCadet Inc.

I never thought that this day would come, but I finally had the courage to publish my first knitting pattern. And I would never have made it all the way without Maggie’s precious help in editing my work. Her patience and special care for detail lifted my work up to a whole different level, and was exactly the helping hand I needed to make it all the way.

- astrid Agustsson, lille larsen

I have worked with Maggie on a few patterns now and she is a wonderful tech editor, I'm glad I found her. I will definitely keep working with her in the future, as she not only fixes mistakes that might have slipped through, but makes great suggestions for alterations that will make the pattern easier to understand or better structured. On top of that, I think she is a wonderful person as well and I always enjoy talking to her. If you are looking for a tech editor, I can only recommend her.

- Yvonne Becker, red and the wolf designs

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Maggie Corrigan from Midnight Purl. She did a great job at technical and copy editing my latest design. Her attention to detail is amazing. She caught all remaining imperfections, ranging from actual typos, to unused abbreviations, misplaced commas, or even inconsistencies in style. I loved that in addition to highlighting all mistakes and suggestions in the original pattern PDF, she also offered very elaborate (and helpful) feedback in a separate document. I look forward to working with her again!

— Deborah, dots Dabbles designs

A great big THANK YOU to Maggie of Midnight Purl, for helping me fine-tune (aka RESCUE) my Castle Walk sock pattern! I was so excited to get this pattern published, that I sent it off to the tech editor a bit before it's time. That did not phase Maggie though. She did an amazing job of finding all of the little blemishes and the mathematical mix-ups, with the most helpful and encouraging feedback.

— naomi Frost, fiberfrosting designs


Maggie’s attention to detail, on so many levels, is magnificent. From grammar to abbreviations to the math to the consistency throughout, she did not miss a single thing. She made edits as well as sent me a separate document with suggestions. Another thing that I absolutely love about her is that she lets you know, right away, that she likes to look at the PDF one day, sleep on it, and look at it again the next day. And, for as long as needed. I absolutely prefer that! Although, I do not want a rushed job, sometimes, you need it. She was more than willing to do so! I highly recommend Maggie Corrigan with to tech edit any of your designs! She was simply marvelous with my sweater. I can’t wait to hand her my next design.

— Jen Giuntoli, Yarnitude, Jen Giuntoli designs

I’ve been trying for a while to find a good tech editor because my usual one is on maternity leave, so I sent a pattern to Maggie and I was really impressed with her work! First off, I was on a quite short deadline and she found a way to accommodate me and even returned my pattern before the agreed date. Her communication is very clear. I wasn’t stressed at all about the budget because she laid out everything and then the edits in themselves were perfect. She is very detail-oriented and gave me lots of well explained notes. I am now confident that my pattern is in its best shape. So thank you Maggie, I will definitely send more patterns your way! 

— Solène le roux, Solène Knits, Designs by Solène le roux

I can’t say enough good things about Maggie’s tech editing skills.  I asked her to not hold back, to point out any and all errors, and she took me at my word, and put my pattern under a microscope, and pointed out the inconsistencies, typos, and other issues that needed to be corrected. She helped me clarify a difficult pattern recipe that explains abstract concepts.  I’m a technical writer for my day job, so I’m a decent copy editor myself, and I know just how difficult this can be. She blew me away with how carefully she went through it.  I will definitely be coming back to her for all my future patterns.   

— cathy weeks

Maggie did such a fabulous and diligent job grading my pattern. I will use her again in a heart beat. Considerate of my design, she gave a thorough assessment of all possible grading paths to take, and explained the multiple options clearly and diligently. She really cares about you and your design and I have full confidence in her. Thank you, Maggie!   

- Anna Weil, Flax and Twine


Maggie is a wonderful, patient, efficient and thorough tech editor. She does not just edit a piece she explains her corrections so you understand and learn from what she has found. I would highly recommend her to both an experienced designer as well as a new designer. I look forward to working with her more.

- Jan Yuill, avalons designs